Sell Your Car For Cash Newcastle

Sell Your Car For Cash Newcastle

Swift Car Removal is a well-known car dealer in Newcastle catering to the needs of car owners in the area who are eager to discard or scrap their vehicles. If you own a car which is useless and unnecessarily claims space in your backyard or garage, sell your car to us. We are one of the most relied upon companies working in this sphere offering the best cash in return of the car.

We Buy Cars in All Conditions and of All Types

Your existing car may be damaged due to an accident or in sound condition, old or bought just a few months ago, running or not, we will purchase it with no objection. Since, we make use of the scrap parts and the metal, the functionality of your vehicle is of meager significance to us. Made in Australia or in any other country, we accept the cars. Your vehicle may be anything between an SUV to a hatchback, we are ready to tow it away. Talk to our experts to clear your doubts!

We Service:

  • Cash For Old Cars
  • Cash For Scrap Cars
  • Cash For Unwanted Cars
  • Cash For Damage Cars
  • Cash For Used & Second hand cars

any make or model.

Tell Us About Your Car

Talking to us on a call will let you know that we ask for the make, model and year of manufacturing only to deduce what valuation would be the best for the car. If we realize that the description you are giving is not sufficient, and if you wish, we may visit the location and decide upon the price by taking a look at the condition in which the car is. Don’t make a mistake by hurrying over the procedure and you can make good money.

Swift Car Removal has Money-making Offers up its Sleeve

We give you the opportunity to earn an amount as high as $5000 with free car removals same day, which is quite attractive in the industry. You don’t have to wait for the cash or for cheque payment, as we pay the cash instantly. Once that is done, we tow the car away from your home or wherever it is parked.

With the money, you can pay a part of the cost of the new car you have been planning to buy for sometime. Also, now that the car is gone you can get the garage cleaned to make place for the new vehicle you are about to purchase. So, what are you waiting for?

Are You Worried About the Environmental Dangers?

Once bought from you, we can assure that the car will be taken to the recycling yard where its parts will be disentangled and the metal will be extracted with the help of machines specifically built for the purpose. We will also make sure that the harmful liquid within the car is taken out.

Sell your car at a price that will never pinch you, as you are going to profit from it. If you need to know more about our services, do not hesitate to ring us. We will surely answer all your queries.