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    Scrap Cars Removal

    Are you looking to remove you old, scrap car that’s in your backyard or driveway? Stop worrying about not getting anything to get that vehicle towed, and enlist the services of scrap cars removal Newcastle.

    Do you live in Newcastle? If your answer is in the affirmative, you may have heard about Swift Car Removal. We are counted amongst the most well-known scrap car dealers in the region and the areas surrounding it. Our scrap car removal service is so popular that you can ask anybody about us and you will get a positive response. What is unique about us is that we offer a massive amount of money, $5000, in exchange of the car.

    Newcastle Scrap Car Wrecker

    While it is normal to pay a service provider for cleaning your premises, it is exclusive to be paid for getting the same done. We will make good use of your car and not just let it rot under the sun and rain. At Swift Car Removal, we get rid of the various parts and dangerous fluids. We also sell the parts to customers at a later stage, which helps us earn good value, thus enabling us to pay you a lucrative sum for the car. Later, we use machines to extract the metals in the car.

    Partnering with us will not just rev up your savings bank account, but also make you happy that you did your part in purifying the environment.

    Looking to get Cash for Your Scrap Car

    An old damaged and useless car is an eyesore to everyone, whether it is you, your family members or your friends. Also, it takes up space in your garage and does not allow you to buy or park your new car. If you have been holding on to old memories and are feeling sad to send the car away, it is time to check your emotions. Click a few photographs and treasure them for the future.

    Meanwhile contact us and give us information about your car – the year when it was manufactured, the model and make. We also buy cars manufactured outside Australia. Whether your car is broken or in sound condition, we have no hiccups in purchasing them for facilitating you in your scrap car removal effort.

    If you can contribute in giving the details, we can quote the amount over the phone. Otherwise, we can visit the location and take a look at the car to make the decision of how much we should pay you. Our experts, with just one look, can determine the value of the car. Our cash for scrap cars offer may reach up to $5000. Depending upon the state of the vehicle, the price may vary, but we will surely reward you a handsome pay.

    Why Swift Car Removal

    Swift car removal is the leading car buyer based in Mayfield that offers fastest and most efficient scrap car removal service throughout the region. We are willing to accept:

    Our team offers same day collection with top quotes. Our car removal team is the experts in removing scrap cars or other vehicles, having many years experience we know how to provide a customer satisfaction service.

    We Carry All the Required Stuff

    There is no hard and fast rule that you have to own equipment for helping us tow the car away. We carry the right tools and drive a towing truck to your home or the place where the car is garaged. We also take with us, documents to be signed by you.

    The process of scrap car removal is an easy one, if you know who are the right people to approach. Swift Car Removal is one such service provider, collaborating with which you will never regret. Talk to us now for knowing about our services in details!