Why Choose Scrapping Over Disposing of Your Car

Posted on 21th, Nov 22

When you are finally tired of your junk car and want to get rid of it. There are but a few options available. While it might be tempting to simply dispose of it as quickly as possible. We are here to tell you there is another more suitable option. As experts in the field, we have to recommend scrapping your old car. Our list of reasons will help you understand why this is the better option.

The Green Clean Option

When you choose to dispose of your car at a landfill, it could potentially pollute the surroundings. The problem with landfills is that not many of them have the needed expertise to ensure thorough depollution. Inadequate depollution can cause toxic waste to leach into the soil and potentially harm the flora and fauna. 

Professional car scrappers on the other hand are fully aware of the depollution required before disposing of a car. They are usually equipped with a fully functional wrecking facility. Reputed car scrappers like Swift Car Removal have a comprehensive process to take care of toxic liquids and dangerous parts. Scrapping your old car is performed by experts in the field. Only then is the vehicle disposed of safely and environmentally soundly. 

Get More Bang For Your Buck by Scrapping Your Old Car

The biggest reason for you to think about scrapping your old car is the amount of cash you can make. Unlike disposal, which might cost you money, scrapping your old car is your chance to secure a fair deal. A reliable cash for cars service like Swift Car Removal will likely offer you a great price for the car no matter what the make, the model, or the condition of the vehicle. 

Cash for cars services will ascertain your car’s price after considering multiple factors. These include not just the weight of the car and the number of working parts but also the number of peripherals. For example, the scrap metal market conditions will also have a role to play in the amount you finally receive. So this is a good option even if your car is suffering from engine troubles or transmission failure. 

Scrapping Your Old Car Contributes to Reduced Waste

We are all making efforts to be greener and transition to a more sustainable way of living. If you are on a similar path, you should consider scrapping instead of disposal. By handing off your car to a car scrapping expert rather than a landfill, you are doing your bit for a circular economy. This also helps reduce the price for OE parts that aren’t so easily available.  

Experienced car wreckers not just dismantle your car, they make an effort to salvage all they can from your junk automobile. This includes working parts that will be expertly repaired and recycled for further use by those who need them. Additionally, they also have specialized treatments to remove rust and recondition metal for scrap metal buyers. All this massively reduces waste and leads to a more sustainable automobile market. 

Simply Far More Convenient 

This should be the one that seals the deal if you are still questioning the benefits of scrapping. In case, you are sending your old car to a landfill, you might have to foot the transport costs. Of course, this might increase with the distance and the condition of your car. Add to that, the mounds of paperwork you have to deal with. Furthermore, waiting for things to get done, and the choice has never been clearer. 

Contrarily, car wreckers are willing to work around your schedule, as and how you choose it. A reliable cash for car service will not mind the distance and will very likely come to you. Armed with their specialized tools and an expert team, they will take care of retrieval no matter what the condition. What’s more? If you choose a reputed car removal service, it will be done on the same day. Additionally, as experts, they handle the paperwork for you and offer the cash amount on the spot.


When it comes to an old car, scrapping your old car is a no-brainer. Take the trouble to give a call to a reliable car wrecker in your city and you can simply sit back and let them handle the rest. You can trust them to draw on their in-depth knowledge not just to offer market-accurate quotes. They are also keen to personalize their services for you and guarantee a satisfactory experience that as a bonus is also kinder to the environment.

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