Scrap Cars Removal Newcastle

Get Best Price up to $ 5000 for your Junk car

Are you looking to remove you old, scrap car that’s in your backyard or driveway? Stop worrying about not getting anything to get that vehicle towed, and enlist the services of scrap cars removal Newcastle.

Swift Car Removal can pay up to $5000 for your junk car.

Our team is highly reliable and tow away your old car, no matter the model or the condition, at no extra cost to you. Not only that, we will also pay you ash for having your hunk of scrap metal removed.

When it comes to recycling, cars are majorly on the list, and there are companies out there that can pay you top dollar right at your doorstep. We’re the best amongst them!

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Your car being out of order may have cost you some money, and now you’re not interested in paying even more to have it disposed of properly.

Maybe you can’t afford to pay for towing service. Fortunately, scrap cars removal Newcastle can send over a team to tow away your old car for FREE. So you won’t have to worry about your car being dropped off to litter in some other area.

Your junk car will be harvested for scrap materials, with all its hazardous fluids and parts disposed of carefully. Then we will use special machines to crush it off, to extract metal.

This type of usefulness will play into another great feature of using scrap cars removal Newcastle as your local car removalist.

That the fact you can receive up to $5000 cash for your old car. The condition and model of car or any other vehicle will definitely play a role in how much cash you can receive but we can assure that it will be a decent amount.

Almost all sorts of models and makes are prized for their replacement parts. We mostly recycle old cars and sell their parts to customers. This helps us in realizing good money. Which is why we always pay TOP DOLLAR for Scrap Cars Removal Newcastle.

Allowing a scrap cars removal Newcastle service will have you feeling more than just good about helping the environment. It will also have you with a bit more money in the bank.

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Scrap Cars Removal Process

Once you accept our quote for junk, unwanted scrap cars removal Newcastle will immediately depute a team to discuss the removal with you.

We can work around your schedule and come to your place at any time convenient to you. We can organize pickup at any place in Newcastle. There are no surprises for you and you won’t have to pay any towing charges.

That’s our promise!

So, contact scrap cars removal Newcastle and get an estimate on how much your old vehicle may put into your pocket. Have it picked up at a date and time that will work with your schedule. You will be instructed about which information that you need to have on hand, details such as vehicle model, make, and registration.

You’ll also need to remove all personal effects from the car, including its license plates. Get that old junk car out of your life and get it off to where it can be of some use.

Let scrap cars removal Newcastle do all of the heavy lifting for you, and allow them to properly dispose of your clunker, junker, wreck, or stalled out vehicle. It will definitely save you time and even earn you some cash.


How does it work?

We have a network of collection depots that are spread across Newcastle. Once you contact us our team will work out the money we can pay for your junk car. The best thing about scrap cars removal Newcastle is that we can even buy fleet of commercial vehicles that are of no use to you.

Once our team identifies the nearest deport, we’ll immediately depute few drivers that will pick up the vehicle and will pay you the quoted cash before towing away the junk car. Beside old cars, we can also buy trucks, bikes, vans, boats, SUV, 4WDs ad utes.

Be responsible without having to go into debt, when you have your old vehicle removed free of charge, and are given up to $5000 cash for your car.

Call: 0422 601 575 for scrap cars removal Newcastle!